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Microscope maintenance is the key to maximum productivity and quality workmanship. If the microscope in not functioning properly either mechanically or optically you as a professional can not diagnose correctly. The maintenance as well as increasing the ease of diagnoses will also increase the longevity or the life of your scope.

Standard maintenance is preformed on site, whenever possible. Standard maintenance consists of: 1. Optical clean. A. the cleaning of the oculars externally and internally. B. Cleaning of prisms surfaces that can be reached from the eye tubes or bottom of the head. C. Cleaning of the outer surfaces of the 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X objectives. D. Cleaning of the Condenser lens. E. External cleaning of the illuminator lens. 2. Mechanical clean and rework. A. interpupillary distance mechanism external clean and adjust. B. Mechanical stage external clean and adjust. C Condenser external rack clean and adjust.

Parts include new and used or reconditioned parts and instillation.

Specialty labor refers to any services not covered under Standard maintenance.

Monthly maintenance 125.00 per service call
Quarterly maintenance 145.00 per service call
Biyearly maintenance 165.00 per service call
Yearly maintenance 175.00 per service call

The first 100 miles from the plant is at no charge. A charge of $50.00 will be charged for every increment of 100 miles thereafter.

Loaner microscope
If a microscope has to be taken to the shop for repair/rework a loaner CPL microscope will be furnished at no charge.

All Pricing is for standard microscopes.  Specialty microscopes will be quoted seperately.